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Spring Make’s agenda is built around four general areas: Metalworking, Woodworking, Mixed Media, and Creatives and Technology. As an attendee, you get to make your own experience by building a personalized schedule of courses.


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Metalworking Track

Learn the basics of cutting, bending, forming and joining metal from the pros who know.

  • Bending and shaping sheet metal

  • MIG Welding

  • TIG welding

  • Blacksmithing

  • Knife making and sharpening

  • Plasma cutting

  • Oxyfuel cutting and brazing


WoodWorking Track

Get ready to get dusty.  We’re bringing the big names in woodworking to drop some hardwood knowledge.

  • Jig making

  • Wood turning

  • Band saw skills

  • Table saw skills

  • Router skills and tips

  • Working with slabs

  • Carving techniques


Mixed Media Track

Bringing it all together. No medium is an island. Learn how to blend your current go-to material with one you’ve always wanted to learn.

  • Concrete forming

  • Finishing techniques

  • Furniture design for mixed media

  • Leather working

  • Pneumatics and hydraulics


Creatives + Tech Track

It’s not just what you can do, it’s how you do it.  If you’re serious about creating content as a full- or part-time gig, polishing your approach, key tech skills and your social persona are must haves.

  • Assessing your social self

  • Non-linear video editing techniques



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Opening Keynote


Why are you even here? If you’re a content creator and maker, one of the things you are probably trying to make is a (good) living from doing what you enjoy. But why are brands so interested in you? How does and will influencer marketing shape decisions that brands are making about how to promote their products in the face of diminished attention spans and resistance to traditional marketing efforts? How can you position your own personal brand to be a good fit with potential sponsors? Cleveland local and Director of Marketing for Lincoln Electric, Craig Coffey will deliver all this and more at this high-energy, tone-setting keynote.

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How can we be more creative on purpose? The easy path to making anything is to do something that’s already been done; to copy, rather than create. But how can we tap into true innovation on a moment’s notice? How does that affect our ability to make mistakes and learn from them more quickly? In this keynote, we’ll hear from Jimmy Diresta, one of the biggest names in the maker scene and find out how to exercise that creative part of our brain so we can flex it on demand, and be the master of the universes that we create.


Sheet metal shaping with hand tools


In this class, you will learn how to use simple, time-honored tools like a shot bag and mallet to shape and bend sheet metal to your will from the best in the biz. Taught by Joe Mielke of


If you can draw it you can build it


3D modeling software has come a long way. With free tools like Sketchup, creators can tackle the challenges of almost any build in the drawing room instead of the shop. In this session you’ll work alongside Sketchup master April Wilkerson, who will teach you the trick, hacks and shortcuts to make the most of this easy to use software.


Social Media Mirror Test


We all know at people are more than the sum of their social media profiles. But if you’re serious about making a living by creating content and gaining sponsors, what you put out on your social channels is how you’ll be judged. In this live-fire exercise, Brad Rodriguez will select the social profiles of actual class attendees, see how they look, what is working well, and what can be improved, all the while sharing best practices that align with what's trending in the ever changing landscape of social media.

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Welding Crash Course


In this day-long, intensive work shop that takes place before the main Spring Make event, you’ll take your knowledge of welding from zero to hero, aided by some of the best instructors in the field. From safety training to welding in a virtual reality environment, you’ll gradually learn basic welding processes, including Stick, Flux core, MIG, and TIG. Taught by Mark Prosser and Bryan Fuller. Additional fee applies.


Forging Basics


Blacksmithing is a skill that can literally take a lifetime to master. But that’s not to say that there aren’t some simple techniques that you can learn to add a little something to your work using tools you probably already have in your shop and techniques our instructors have picked up along the way. Taught by Zach Herberholz of ZH Fabrications and Bret McAfee of Skull and Spade.


Basic Knife Making


With the popularity of TV shows like the History Channel’s Forged in Fire, knife making and blade-smithing has never been more popular. We’ll take you through the basics including terminology, rough shape design, finishing and heat treating, putting on an edge and adding a handle (not necessarily in that order). Taught by Tommy Matthews of Crooked River Forge.


Basic Jig Making


Sometimes you need to make new tools to get the most out of the tools that you buy. Straight from the Mitten of Michigan, the biggest name in jigs will walk you through how to make a few of his favorite time-saving jigs from his near endless repertoire, and show you how to put them to good use. Led by Izzy Swan.


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