Want to Sponsor Spring Make 2020?

We’d love to talk to you. We’re anticipating huge growth, which means great exposure for your business with this community. We can work with you to build a package to accommodate any budget.

Who should sponsor Spring make?

Since we are targeting the professional and aspiring Maker/content creator, there are some natural fits for sponsorship. If you are a manufacturer, distributor or re-seller of products in these key areas, you’re a great fit for Spring Make.

  • Technology Products: camera makers, web platforms, audio equipment, software and accessories

  • Advanced Maker Tools: CNCs, laser, vinyl cutters, mold making equipment

  • Tools Manufacturers: hand tools, power tools, stationary tools, portable electric tools

  • PPE and Work Apparel: safety equipment and clothing for the shop

  • Materials Manufactures/Marketers: epoxies, glues, concrete, soft goods

  • Finish Producers: paints, stains, oils, polyurethanes

We want to build our program around your products! Companies that can bring their experts to share their knowledge will benefit the most from Spring Make. We’ve got exhibitor and sponsor opportunities to fit every budget. Download our Sponsor Prospectus for details.

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Why sponsor Spring Make?


Reason #1: Return on Influence

If you’re interested in finding brand ambassadors who also happen to be some of the hardest working members of the Maker community, Spring Make is the perfect place to make those connections.

We are looking to partner with great brands that want to build relationships with content creators who can represent ‘pro-sumer’ and industrial products. These creators will run the gamut from well-established to up-and-coming, and they are looking to connect with brands for whom they can be an authentic, authoritative voice in what we know to be a very noisy world.


Reason #2: Return on time

Relationships take time to foster, so it takes time to develop influencer/ambassador programs. Spring Make lets you connect with the industry’s top influencers – as well as the up-and-comers – in a fun and relaxed environment. With all of these personalities in the same place at the same time, it could be a particularly time-effective way for you to up your influencer game.


Reason #3: Return on investment

When looking for advice or instruction on how to complete a project, consumers—even “pro-sumers”—are turning to the people they trust. Only now, those people are not their neighbors and friends, they are the online content creators on platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. The content they create is a natural fit for organic, product placement and endorsement, and research bears this out.


Reason #4: our audience is already huge!

Because our speakers and instructors are some of the top names in the business, our audience for Spring Make already exceeds 10 million friends, fans and followers.